Cat flu season?

Hai to all cats owner,

Im wondering,is it cat flu season now?all my 4 cats having flu symptoms but one of them more obvious.keep sneezing and sumtime got running nose oso.they become inactive and prefer indoor sleeping whole time.recently 1 of my newborn kitten died.i believe she got it from her mama and since a kitten is more vulnerable,she died :cry:

Not really, it might have spread through strays. Just get them to a vet for checkup. Usually you’ll be given antibiotic and some sort of lysine medication to feed them. 3-5 days it should be lessen or best yet, cured :slight_smile: . Kittens died because of long term flu because of mucus hold up in their lungs if I am not mistaken. Try Live animal centre in Piasau, ask for the Amino Solution (RM 15) .1ml , 3 times daily feed. It’s an all-in vitamin including lysine used as supplement if cat with less appetite and to boost their antibodies.

Once a cat has flu , it’s very easy to spread to other cats…

If they dont get medical attention , it may worsen into watery eyes, leading to blindness …

Not sure if its related to flu, but thats what i noticed


could be some other virus
is your cat vaccinated?

my cat has given birth recently & still nursing the kittens when i discovered that she coughed really bad. i fed her with cat food but she hardly eats like she used to.
pleaseee help. :frowning:

p.s. she is a stray,never vaccinated.

best to send her to a vet, they’ll give some tablets, and the cough will heal very quickly . She’ll return to her normal self in a few days :slight_smile:

I recommend Paws clinic, at saberkas area ( facing the flyover )

ohh…i know that place. thanks!

Both of My Cat got Flu also, give them antibiotic for 10days & flu tablet… Thanks to PAWS for teaching me to take care of them… But my cat is very clever to spill out the flu tablet… another one I send to PAWS for thier supervisory to take care of my cats, since my cat got red eye and keep scratching eyes…

Its hard to feed them the flu tablets.They seems t know its a medication and spit it out though.Went to Angel’s Pet Clinic at Bumiko here.Their condition getting better but to late for for the kittens.1 more just died this morning.One with the longest and thicker fur amongst them.I mix omega 3 supp in their food also.Sometime with spirulina powder.Pity that kitten,never have her chance to play with his uncles & bro & sis & ma.

Fell sorry about your kitten Anhelicoodle… This morning I’m visited my cat at PAWS… cat name YoYo… so far looks better…

4 cats ???

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