Casio TE-2400 Cash Register Machine for Sale

[size=150]Used Casio TE-2400 Electronic Cash Register Machine for Sale[/size]


[size=150]Price : RM1,000/-[/size]

Top range model with Programmable Keypad and Multi-Line Display. Simple yet powerful features and functions increase efficiency of store management and improve productivity. Ideal for small businesses, fast-food restaurants or fine dining establishments. Used not more than 3 years. Still in reasonable good condition. Copies of User Manual & Dealer Manual provided. Original price is RM3,200/-. Now selling at RM1,000/- only. First come, first serve. Cash & carry.

[size=150]Interested please call :
012 878 9612 - Mr Wong[/size]

More detail Specifications :

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Hi by any chance it’s still available?