Carry on , Zahid tells " Tiga Line " Dons

From Malaysiakini
Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had tough words for criminal gangs but the home minister appears to have a soft spot for the Tiga Line underworld group, calling them his friends and urging them to do what they needed to do.

Zahid had made these remarks at an event in Malacca last Friday and then threatened journalists present that he would close down their newspapers if they reported his statements.

However, Malaysiakini has obtained a 20-minute recording of the speech in which he claimed to be speaking to Umno delegates in what seemed like a government function.

The event at the Malacca International Trade Centre (MITC) in Ayer Keroh began innocently enough when the home minister declared the cops to be colour blind, pointing out that they had searched 178,217 Malays, 77,104 Chinese, 73,505 Indians and 51,517 other races in a crackdown against the underworld.

Of this, 14,511 were found to be secret society members - 6,171 Malays, 1,701 Chinese, 3,685 Indians and 2,954 other races.

But from here on was a strange twist, as the home minister zoomed in on Tiga Line and declared that they really weren’t thugs and were in fact some form of benevolent gangsters that only turned up at festivities.

‘Tiga Line not thugs’

"The 6,171 Malays, they are not real thugs (samseng), they were Pekida members and were part of the Tiga Line group, gang 30, gang 7 - these are festivities (kenduri-kendara) gangsters…

“I tell our Tiga Line friends, do what should be done,” he said to loud cheers from the room.

Tiga Line is among a list of 47 secret societies released by the Home Ministry in August and declared unlawful.

He then continued to refer to Tiga Line on a first person basis, stating: “We are not evil, I know, I have checked. We gather during festivities with our siblings, so gather when there are projects, nevermind”.

“I see here, the candidates here, all four of them are Tiga Line,” he laughingly said.

Zahid had in his speech repeatedly referred to Umno supreme council candidate Shahidan Kassim, who was also present, as the “biggest Tiga Line gangster” in a joking manner.

‘Malays the biggest victims’

After the apparent out-of-place moment for the home minister, he returned to his tough talk against criminals, saying that he had launched the crackdown against the underworld as he felt insulted by the daily street shootings.

The home minister also appeared to take a racial stance on crime, declaring that Malays were the usual victims.

"The largest drug dealers are Chinese, the smaller ones are Indians and the users are Malays.

"In internet gambling, the bosses are Chinese, operators are Indians and patrons are Malays…

“Therefore the victims are Malays,” he said, adding that he is home minister due to Malay support that made him Umno vice president.

The event where he spoke was entitled ‘Security briefing ceremony with community leaders’ and the backdrop bore the federal and Malacca government emblems.

While Zahid appeared to be aware of journalists’ presence at the event as he told them to omit some of his words midway through his speech, the home minister backtracked towards the end and declared it a closed door event.

Journalists there were unceremoniously asked to leave as the room shouted for them to get out and were later reportedly told by organisers that the incident was a “misunderstanding”.

Ayer Keroh state assemblyperson Khoo Poay Tiong who furnished Malaysiakini with a copy of the recording had rubbished assertions that the event was closed door, claiming that the media sitting was prepared but journalists were suddenly threatened and asked to leave at the end.

This will make Miri 3line member up up looo… vrooommm…

That he (the minister) is tiga line member lah. In that sense, tiga line is tie to Umno which proves Umno is the gang head so the rumor is true then! :evil:


oops…sorry it was a joke

From Malaysia insider

October 08, 2013

Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed (pic) has come out to defend Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today saying the latter was “only joking” when he described the outlawed Tiga Line gang as “friends” in a closed event in Malacca over the weekend.

His joke was taken out of context. What he meant was that they were Malays and so too were the audience at the function," Nur Jazlan told The Malaysian Insider in a telephone interview.

Nur Jazlan, who is also Pulai MP, said he was present at the event, “Security briefing ceremony with community leaders”, held at the Malacca International Trade Centre (MITC) in Ayer Keroh on Saturday.

In defending Ahmad Zahid, Nur Jazlan explained that after making the statement which was meant as a joke, the home minister took a serious stand and warned that he will take action against all gang members.

I was there listening to his speech from the beginning to the end. What was highlighted to the public were just bits and pieces of the whole speech, said Nur Jazlan.

He said others who were present at the event were Minister in the Prime Ministers Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim and Tabung Haji chairman Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim. All three are contesting for seats on the Umno supreme council while Ahmad Zahid is defending his vice-president’s post.

In the function, Ahmad Zahid appeared to have endorsed the actions of the Tiga Line gang, which was on a list of 49 secret societies released by the Home Ministry in August.

He called them his “friends” and urged them to “do what they needed to do”.

Ahmad Zahid also warned journalists who were present not to report what he had said to the audience, insisting it was a closed-door event, before later telling them to leave.

However, news portal Malaysiakini obtained a 20-minute recording of Ahmad Zahid’s speech, in which he addressed Umno delegates.

Well, this says it all.

PETALING JAYA: To date, thousands of suspected gangsters from underworld organisations in the country have been arrested, but surprisingly, none of them were from the Tiga Line group.

This latest information was revealed by Bukit Amans secret societies, gambling and anti vice principle assistant director, SAC Abdul Jalil Hassan today.

Jalil told FMT over the phone that they have yet to arrest any Tiga Line member, but was quick to add that the police have arrested a number of Malay gangsters from other triad groups.

Tiga Line, closely linked to a Malay NGO known as Pekida, is believed to be a well known group of Malay gangsters.

Thus far none of them have been arrested but we have detained a number of Malay thugs from different underworld group, said Jalil.

When asked if the police are having difficulties in arresting Tiga Line members, Jalil denied it and said that they have identified a number of faces but have yet to detain anyone.

We know who they are and we have identified them, however, we have not made any arrests yet, he added.

Benevolent gangsters

On Saturday, Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said at a closed door forum that Tiga Line members were benevolent gangsters and encouraged them continue with their activities.

In August, the Home Ministry itself revealed that Tiga Line was one of the 49 groups considered illegal under the secret societies act.

Meanwhile, various individuals and NGO groups have slammed Zahid for his remarks, the latest being A New York-based human rights group Human Rights Watch.

Its deputy Asia director, Phil Robertson, said Zahids statement showed gross indifference for the right to life and the rights of the countrys minority populations.

Home Minister Zahid is Malaysias top law enforcement official, yet he is promoting the illegal use of lethal force, said Robertson.

Prime Minister Najib should make it clear he wont tolerate such statements or unlawful practices, which show a callous disregard for basic rights.