Caring wife's tragic death

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Caring wife knocked down by car

Closer look: Two tow-truck drivers looking at the impounded car.
ALOR STAR: In a strange twist of fate, a woman, who rushed to be with her husband after his car landed in a ditch, was killed by a passing car.

I called her and told her not to come to the site as I was fine. But she came anyway because she was worried, said Lim Yok Mois distraught husband Neoh Chin Guan, 44.

Distraught: A relative consoling Neoh (left) at the Alor Star Hospital on Monday night.
We were crossing the road to get to another car driven by a relative. Suddenly I lost my grip on her. It all happened so fast. My wife was flung after a vehicle hit her.

She died on the way to the hospital, said Neoh, a painter. He and Lim, 41, have no children.

The vehicle knocked her down as she was crossing Jalan Sungai Petani-Alor Star. Lim died at about 9pm on Monday, about two hours after her husbands accident.

A Kota Setar traffic policeman said the driver who hit Lim lodged a police report at 1.30am yesterday. The car has been impounded. … sec=nation

So sad… :frowning:

Very sad indeed…why the H–l, did the other guy drive so fast? I can bet u that guy will be scar for life.