Careful with fake USB HDD

When buying cheap stuff make sure not to buy from dodgy seller that offer price that is too good to be true:

A Russian friend of mine has posted this absolutely amazing story.

He works at a hard-drive repair center in a Russian town right next to the Chinese border. A couple of days ago a customer has brought a broken 500Gb USB-drive that he had bought in a Chinese store across the river, for an insanely low price. But the drive was not working: if you, say, save a movie onto the drive, playing the saved movie back resulted in replaying just the last 5 minutes of the film.

The whole service center was rolling on the floor laughing. This was not the first time someone has brought a disk like that. And the previous drives were also bought in China… They opened up the drive right in front of the astonished customer. This is what they saw:

It’s a 128-MB flash-drive. Working in a “looped” mode - when it runs out of space, it starts overwriting from the beginning. My friend said they’re still trying to figure out how did the Chinese do that. Because the drive reports “correct” file sizes and disk-capacity. And the “looped-overwriting” does not touch the other files present on the drive.

The device looks pretty convincing - lots of tech labels and stuff… The Chinese salesman even saved something to the drive to demonstrate that it “works” in the store.


Someone I know bought a 16GB thumb drive from China 2 years ago. Same thing happened. Price was too cheap for such USB drive with that kind of capacity.

wtf!? this is the first time i see this

O.O"…how the heck they do that?

1 lesson to learn, never buy any cheap stuff from China. They are seriously clever in doing this kind of things.
heck…they also invented fake eggs and causes other seller from other country to follow what they r are doing…

Anyone else encounter this problem b4, beside whatman’s friend.

wow recycle the old pen drive which no one is using. that remind me, i still got a 256mb which i bought for rm 230. that time i still so proud of myself for having such a big capacity pen drive among my friend and thinking it cost less than a riggit for 1 mb… recently bought a 2tb hdd for 310… what a big different

now ppl hack USB HDD also, 1stime also heard one of this get hack.put the bolt nut to make it heavy…ahaha :lol:

dats the same casing dat i used to smuggle my hp to petronas platform.

where u got the 2tb drive?

in kerteh helibase bro? can meh? i put inside my wallet, small Nokia X3! :twisted:

I recalled back my friend’s laptop, which has been hacked with the name Intel Core 2 Duo with ATI Radeon DX10 graphics and 2GB RAM, who knows it was eventually a Celeron with Intel graphics and 128MB RAM… China’s strategy quite cheat nowadays…

China is smart to do all this fake. If not there won’t be 90% stuff in Malaysia here is “Made in China” :evil:

Eh…that is risky thing you’re doing there…

PCSB never like people bring cellphone to platform…
because…you know lah…the cellphone and pillow incident…

ssshhh…keep quiet…

This is amazing… Very smart of them.

where u got the 2tb drive?[/quote]

i never say 2tb drive, i saying 2tb hdd (HarDDisk)

so creative :shock:

where u got the 2tb drive?[/quote]

i never say 2tb drive, i saying 2tb hdd (HarDDisk)[/quote]

HDD means Hard Disk Drive where did you buy it?

like ■■■■ …bad news guys …

so next time when u try out the HDD, heard if there any moving sound of the harddisk inside. unless they say the hdd is using SSD

WTF!!! first time ic this ==||| well this better liao lo… the one i saw long time b4 is the china guy put ebay sell hdd… then got ppl buy. looks 100% like in picture. but…once open the hdd. just a branded plastic casing with the “USB plug” only! probly cut out from a mouse or something…the rest empty lo hahahahah