Career Building through multimedia

We have specially tailored short courses for working adults & graduates. Please refer to our attached brochure for more details.
The main purpose of our specially tailored courses are aimed to offer candidates the opportunities to be more employability in the job market. It is also aimed for working adults to have skills in other areas, especially in multimedia where upon successful completion of the courses, they will be able to put their skills & knowledge to improve themselves, be it at work or home.

Multimedia offers:

  1. Enhancement of Text Only Messages: Multimedia enhances text only presentations by adding interesting sounds and compelling visuals.
  2. Improves over Traditional Audio-Video Presentations: Multimedia with slides & sounds are more attractive & Audiences are more attentive to multimedia.
  3. Gains and Holds Attention: People are more interested in multimedia messages which combine the elements of text, audio, graphics and video. Combination of communication modes (aural and visual) offers greater understanding and retention of information.
  4. Multimedia is both Entertaining as Well as Educational

Those are just some of the benefits that multimedia will offers you. Drop by our office for FREE preview :

Date : Every Wednesday, effective 21 September 2011
Time : 6 - 8pm
Venue : Lot 2507 - 2508, 2nd floor, Block 5
Boulevard Commercial Centre 98000 Miri
(Next to COURTS, top of new sau pau outlets)

or you can call 085-435542, 415545 for more details.