Car Workshop (near Century)

My parents keep sending the car for repair to workshop near in Krokop (very near Century, you guess it), and always come back with same / similiar problem.
and the shop keep charging and charging (hundreds at a time)
This is not 1 or 2 times matter already. It has been long long time and the same things happens.

Come on, we are not that rich and not responsible to feed you. If you can’t fix it, just say can’t, instead of eating customers’ money. Really beh tahan. :evil:

Can anyone recommend some of the good workshop? I really wish the workshop standard can be increased.

i think basically you can google first what issue… then the mechanic thinks that you know something also wont simply con you.

what kind of car and what kind of issue?

where the heck is ‘century’?

Just tell us the name of the workshop.
We not here to play guessing game.

u share ur car problems here perhaps many sifu here can help u :mrgreen:

if its a honda … CSA is the sifu u are looking for :mrgreen:

behind century supermarket? or century battery next to proton parts?

kindly specify the car model and problem. we can’t help further without such info.

im sure ts said the one behind century supermarket ( opposite chan furniture at krokop.)… but personally i’ve been there repairing my car for quite a decent times…sounds ok and the tauke and workers are polite…

Why not u specify the problem of your car?