Car tinted

i have survey the ultra cool US and Korea Made… expensive… any idea about it, don’t know where to get the cheaper price… and what a difference among any type of cool in the market… what type of tinted can enter brunei…

i think dun have any tinted can enter brunei eh…heheh
Maybe a little tint may be allowed to enter i guess~
Ultra cool sure dun have hope to enter

OMG! no point also to tinted my car… any bruneian in the house, please give advice…

i am in the same case like u

tint vkool with clear type.

how much the cost for small car like savvy or kelisa

no need tint laa. i kena saman by brunei police before. u wanna tint and enter brunei…sure kena at custom check point.

wow… so better tint and go up when raining… sure can get pass custom check point. :mrgreen:

smalle … if u wan pass … can … use all black lol…i give u pass … hahahaha

lols en if tint 200% black sure can enter bru hehehe

If you want to tint your car and enter Brunei…only one piece of advise…go make your registration plate smaller, around 30% of the original size. That way, the custom or police will think you’re member of the royal family (since tinted window only allowed among the royal family). That way, they wont even bother to stop you. Or else u better dont go, since they will either fine you or ask you to rip off the tint sheet on the spot before they let u go as that was what happened to my cousin before.

yea… heard that if tinted and go to brunei, they will either fine u or ask u to rip it off on the spot or both.

ask the 2vcool film from US, its very clear type, warranty 5 years, costly but doesn’t look cool at all. if i put 70% sure kena tahan dekat border… still thinking about it…

how much is that then?

my car 40% silver n 40% black…still can drive in n out to brunei…the only way, leveled down the window when custom check point…

my standard proton persona got about 40% silver tint on the windows… no problem entering brunei even at customs there.
but front and rear windscreen no tinted at all la

Haha~ really… where u tint you car… nad how much

Haha~ really… where u tint you car… and how much??

make 200% black sure u can go in and out brunei also(Not included samans la~)

Haha ^^