Good Morning Miri Com !

Please take note my car has been Stolen from my home at Lutong!! it is a Proton Satria GTI . Please if anyone seen it moving around MIRI to inform the Police or PM me .

when n where there missing?
got pic from side n rear view?

Just got stolen this morng? Lutong baru ka? Mcm keta csr jak

Yeah, it just got stolen in the very early morning hours. My bro-in-law’s car. (Kereta Csr meh nyak…)
Sadly & horrifyingly, thieves these days are getting more daring. :frowning:

Sad to hear that, bro. Any photos of its rims? It’ll be easier to identify on the road if you have custom rims installed.

Anyway, care to share a little on how was it stolen? For example, did they break into your house and stole the keys or did they hotwire your car?