Car Sex!

This photographer used a very powerful lens to be able to photograph this scene.

Check out the pictures - one by one.

What did you expect to see ???

Yup, you were straining your eyeballs to try and see through the back window, weren’t you!!!??? :mrgreen:


WOOOOOOOOOOOW so thts how flies do it…AWESOME

PedoFlies spotted. :lol:

u know what?
this photographer is a freak…
for him to take this photo, he would have to stand his camera on a tripod…
wow…hes like a spy to spy on a pair of …flies mating!!! lols dont u think thats a freaky behavior?

…well if he was standing at the same distance to take those shots by zooming in :stuck_out_tongue:

Bet he’s been waiting there for a long time so take those shots…lol. Or he just simply sight seeing with his high-end camara and suddenly spot this.


lol… nice one haha… great DSLR? :stuck_out_tongue:

Think it’s a powerful lense! :stuck_out_tongue:

very sharp lens!

What… lol, hey you! =P

Do flies really mate like that? just wondering…



Eye catching thread title! Eye straining action! Face Slapping Reaction! =)

lolx! this pic i saw it 3 to 4 years ago…!!!