Car Resale Value

Hi guys, I have a '99 850 Manual Kancil for sale. Semenanjung market price for it is RM11k. I just asked a friend who is a car dealer.

Any idea in Miri how much? usually more right? Planning to let it go

FYI this thread is an open discussion for any cars for anyone. Not focusing on my case. CHeers

in that case shud add another rm2-3k. then it shud be around rm15k for good condition, accident free, and smooth engine.

btw smjg market price is rm11k? it’s around rm8-10k only for 99 model.

hi supra, i was quite shocked as well when I asked my friend. COz he said he wanted a 99 manual 850 kancil and most of the places he went to (around Penang) offered the car around the RM11K range.

I asked why so high…he said due to the increase price of petrol etc etc. Kancil use cheap spare parts too. Plus the car can be re-financed for 5 years easily even due to the old age.

I dunno lar, just passing on the word :S

just 2 months ago my 94’ yr manual basic kancil sold for 6k only. lol. Of coz… nth is left in the car. Replaced with lousy seats and no audio system. Quite statisfied with the price from the condition of the car. :mrgreen:

hi everybody,
i oso hv a year 2000 850ccmanual kancil to let go at rm10k, the car condition is okey.
anyone interested can pm me for more info.

hi everyone,
for those who can help us sell out d kancil, we can arrange some commision for u.