Car number plate lost! [QML 7927], anyone saw plz contact

[quote=“markenjah”][i mana tau u tinggal mana ma…so i suggest u la satu tempat. :mrgreen:

quote=“kongbingleek”]My house at Miri-Bintulu Road and you tell me to go to tudan to make one :shock:

One Honda plate also need to fuss around…go to 123 Car accessories shop(since you live in Miri-Bintulu road) and get one perspek plastic one la if you so worrying about the car plate price.

123 car accessories tht at morsjaya rite? my house at jalan periwinkle… not far from riam tech. so…u lost ur car plate at riam road? maybe i can help…

Thanks for all you help. My dad already made a new plate which is screwed (or fastened) so it wont drop again i guess.

So i guess this topic can be closed. Thanks everyone.