Car needed 15< ( urgent )

hi everyone

i need a car bellow 15K

prefer kancil or iswara 1.3

sms 0109620296

how about Mazda?ok?

gt iswara 1.3 one unit,manual, RM10k, if reli wan i will arrange time to view car, u will nt regret d, v good condition

sorry i don’t want any cars from out of malaysia


can i know the mileage and the model << i like iswara

1st model saga. selling 8k. PM me if u intrested… :slight_smile:

its year 1993 made, proton iswara 1.3m, milleage very low, but car now is nt with me, later i check wif u, tyres jz change laz few months, aircond too, if interest, reali nid faz. for more detail, u can call 0168713973<<<Mr. Voon, my dad. thx

milleage only10.3k checked

sorry my friend it’s too old 4 me

its ok, if u still interest can find me too, any way, hope u find ur car soon :slight_smile:

thanx a lot bro



have a look on my car?

i got plenty of below 15k cars… iswara, saga2, wira, kancil… which type of car u prefer? pm me asap~ u will get what u wan from me…

RM 9k proton iswara 1.3

RM8.5K Proton Isawara 1.3 blue color 16 years. Car condition very good & only used to buy vege & send kids to school. Buyer bear & do the transfer. SMS me if interested 013-8377078