Car mirror hit by golf ball at Pulau Melayu

i forgot to make my gossip here regarding my fren’s car mirror hit by golf ball, back mirror crashed into thousands…i forgot to take the pic… he parked there early in the morning, n returned from offshore at 8pm n found his back mirror get crushed… the next day he goes to ask from Marina apartment security n hoping that the golfer to leave any msg to him, but none…some issue 1) they hv no other car park space other that next to marina apartment 2) from my view, the golf area are not suitable - too close to the road even the area are big enough for golf club 3)the golfer are not responsible one,though they r so rich - since most of the golfer r rich ppl… :slight_smile: the incident was on 4th july…

If this is true that your friend car windows was damaged by a golf ball from the golf course he can claim from the golf club just tell them where you park the car and they will pay for it.Just make sure you have the golf ball and tell them where your friend park because they can check if anybody was playing in that area.

unfortunately, the ball was not there anymore, the time he return to shore in the night time…coz they left their car they all day long, im sure they pick the ball already. but the ball shape remain on the crushed mirror… the next day he go to Pulau Melayu nobody admit it…include the golfer

This is a joke right?

very irresponsible…but sometimes ■■■■ happens… juz like car park at somewher kena scratch also canot do wad.