Car Loan

Anyone ever check from the Bank whether can loan a car that age more than 10 year old from year of manufacture?

Hi, as i know a car more than 15 year will not get loan by bank, even the car age on 10 already hard to get loan. A car that 10 year age maximum re-loan period will be 5 year.

in ur case there is way to get loan anyway, but the interest rate will be very high, if the price are cheap then it’s still acceptable, they do accept loan for car age more than 10 year and yes, they do loan for used car only.

1)pacific lease company.
2)Aeon loan.

option 1 you will get a consider low interest with short re-payment period
option 2 you will get a high interest(depending on loan value) with long re-payment period

both require a little more detail document needed for loan. hope this help and get you some idea of the car you want to get loan