Car Interior Upholstery Deep Cleaning

Good evening sifus, would like your advice and recommendation on where can I wash and clean the seats and door panels of a Kelisa? It is stained very badly all around, it is fabric material. Kindly introduce or recommend me on any shops which can provide such service with a reasonable price. Thank you. I have uploaded few photos to show you the interior conditions. Thanks!

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A shop call Almost Haven, located in desa pujut. Near to merbau school traffic light. Run by a mat salleh.

the door panel can use fab + toothbrush .

Thanks for the kind reply guys, I paid a visit to Almost Heaven just now and the owner, Mr. Daniel quoted me RM135.00 inclusive of upholstery, side panels, carpet and other interior cleaning, I think its worth it. They are utilizing the steam cleaning method combined with chemicals to suck out all the gunk and stuffs. Would be doing the cleaning after the engine issues are being solved! Thanks guys!

Got address of that place? I mean more detail (road name/lorong/GPS coordinate).

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Whatman, its located at around Permy. If you are coming down from Kuala Baram, it is after McDonalds that block, Almost Heaven Enterprise is located in the same area with Public Furniture, Jeff Prawn Fishing Shop. It is situated beside Sawadee Brothers Coffee shop.

Did he mention about cleaning the seat cushion too?

Thanks. Found it on Google Map, too bad map is still 2001!

Wow, such a good price for such a tedious task. I better keep his address for my future reference hehehe :smiley:

I think this is the kind of steam cleaning they use?

Of course they do clean the car seats for you as well. Chemicals will be sprayed onto the surface to agitate the stains and dirt, if i am not mistaken, it will be cleaned using a steam cleaner or vacuum, I must say I am not really sure about the process as I have not tried it yet. Will be sending my car somewhere around next week. The best is to bring your car to the shop, and let the owner take a look at the condition, so he could quote you a price. The best thing is, it is all completed in a single day, you send your car in the morning, and come out in the afternoon.

Hi jhua, u can visit “swissvax” near town area which is opposite ming cai seafood restaurant, they do the interior cleaning as well.

Chemicals use are natural product, environment friendly and is good for people are sinus sensitive.

Hey guys, just got my car back from Almost Heaven this noon, only took 3 hours to clean all the stains and junk off the upholstery. Here are some photos of the job completed. The photos on the first post were the photos a week before cleaning.

Here is the newly cleaned interior!

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wow ur car looks really clean now! all that for rm135??

Yup! But bring your car there for a quotation first… maybe bigger car have different price…

Hi guys, sorry to bring up an old topic, but I really need everyone’s help! I am back in Kota Kinabalu already (finished studying) and I would like to ask if there is a place which provides similar services such as the previous posts in KK?? I feel like a complete stranger back in my hometown. LOL!

Try this in KK.

Detailing centre 1
Lot 59, Jalan Penampang
Taman Fortuna Phase 1.

Boss, thanks for the kind reply. I shall go and ask them if they do provide steam vacuuming for the interior.