Car hijacked in Permyjaya: Police crack case in one hour

MIRI: Miri CID police early yesterday morning arrested a woman and two men for a brazen car theft less than an hour after it was reported to be hijacked in Permyjaya.

The suspects in their 20s to 40s were rounded up in front of a hotel at Jalan Chia Tze Chin here around 1am. During the arrest, police also seized the stolen car and a Land Cruiser and several dangerous weapons from the suspects which were kept inside the car.All suspects and the seized items were brought to Miri central police station (CPS).

Miri police chief ACP Gan Tian Kee, when confirming the arrest, disclosed that the suspects have a previous police record on car theft in the city.

The case is being investigated under Section 385 of the Penal Code for extortion.

According to sources, the owner of the vehicle in Permyjaya reported that it was taken by force by the suspects.

Sources added that the suspects were brandishing a sharp object before smashing the front and rear windscreens and fleeing with his car. Shocked at the brazen act of the thieves, the car owner dashed to Miri CPS to lodge a police report.

Acting on the report lodged, our men were immediately mobilised whereby they managed to locate the cars whereabouts, said ACP Gan. He added that police are still investigating the motive of the incident.