Car Dim Dim When Tun Tun

Hey guys,

I have problems here… which i need to clarify… I just change my woofer and the amp to GM-7300M together with TS-W307D4… I dont last few days, i tun tun quite harsh, i found out that my car light got little dim dim… How ahh? I ask one of my friend, saying that might need to change the alternator to larger ampere but still have the risk. I install 1 capasitor the 1.5 farad but still got little dim dim…i got install the grounding kits from my battery. So, i want to ask all the sifu there, how to solve this problem.

ask team megasound,they are the expert in sound system…


  1. change the alternator
  2. put in the kapasitor
  3. add another battery
  4. use 8 point ground wire
  5. use voltage stabilzer
  6. go megashine and ask why if still got that problem… :stuck_out_tongue:

short and definate 8)

Can look for mega sound for more advise…