Car - Buying vs renting

Hey peeps,

I will be moving to Miri to work for a few years and I was told public transportation isn’t an option here. While I know how to drive, I am a car noob who doesn’t own a car, so I was wondering which would be the cheaper option:

1. Buy a second hand Car (+ maintainence expenses)


2. Rent car on monthly basis

It really depends, like how long you’re going to be here, or the cost you’re willing to pay for car rental.

Ah, I’ll be here 4 years.

Hi, it really depends how much u able to pay for the car monthly,
one example here, i own a Vios so lets take vios as example.
If u buy a car and paying the loan for 4 years? make it 5yrs la ok? lol

3.25% interest
90 months loan
=930 per month
5 years maintenance=rm2500 which consist… 2 times battery change, rm500, 2 tyre change, rm500, semi annually service, rm150x10=rm1500)
insurance and road tax for 5 years= rm5000 (reduce gradually per year)
misc for 5 years= rm2500

5 years overall spending if buy new car RM93,700 (not include car tint and modification etc)

But if u renting a car, same car vios u have to pay RM2400 per month (source )
So u do the maths… rm2400x90months=RM216,000 >.<

…or u get the cheapest car they have Kancil which is rm850 per month that might cost u less, but in this casewhy not buying a new Perodua Axia RM25k is way cheaper too right?? rough calculation on axia vs kancil for 90 months = Axia RM37k vs RM77k Kancil

After u move back to your own place, u can ship the car back tooo…with the shipping cost of RM2.5k, good deal?

em, i wrote in paragraphs for better understanding but after i posted it become whole big sum of words together >.< hope u understand @Envoy

If you would like to rent, I have a new MYVI (less than 18 months old). Asking for RM1000 per month, negotiable if long term.

@lyn.lyn Thanks for that helpful and thorough info :slight_smile:

Rainbow, I’ll get back to you on that once I’m actually in Miri :wink:


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