Car accident at airport traffic light junction

Red light! STOP!!!

for some, Red Light is pecut

What cars were involved? Who ran the ran light?

mitsu triton and mazda 323…

apuh… is anyone hurt??? mazda look very teruk???


Total wreckage!

huh…last time i almost hit black triton also at this junction…bcoz the triton not stop when its red…stupid!

I assume triton ran the light?

this afternoon there is also a blue wish knock a wira infront of HAI BA WANG… drive safe ppl

Hijau = jalan.
Kuning = Bersedia.
merah = PECUT!!!

dunno wad mirian drivers are thinking sometimes…

Just watch this:

thanks whatman. It’s very inspiring… love it… 8)

[quote=“Athrun_zala_faith”]Hijau = jalan.
Kuning = Bersedia.
merah = PECUT!!![/quote]

you got the green wrong…

people in front will take a few seconds to react after it turns green…horn horn then they will jalan…:slight_smile:

driving N00bs

Green= Tunggu 2-3 seconds look left n right then jalan should be ok… Don’t wanna risk being hit by someone going through the red light.

I saw the madza wreck by d roadside, so nobody towed meh?

i saw this accident last night…wow…dasyat …

So who’s the one that ran the red light??