Capoeira club taking root in Miri for new alternative to fitness

MIRI: Capoeira is more than just a sport to which music is indispensable. It is also a philosophy of life, rooted in fundamentals that speak of freedom and knowing oneself.

According to Haaziq Ibrahim, president of a newly established club, Sarawak Cafobo Capoeira Angoleiros, capoeira is a combination of martial art and dance moves of an AfroBrazilian cultural practice.

The Capoeira community trains with the unique exercises and challenging moves with the clubs aim to develop social etiquette and a positive mindset among its members.

It is still new in Miri and even for the whole of Borneo, thus we strive to increase awareness among the public for more support to grow the sport, he said, yesterday.

He said they registered the club under the Ministry of Youth and Sports about four months ago where members have been performing and practising in several locations in Miri.

We practise weekly at Beach Republic, the One Gym, Miri City Fan, Taman Selera, Bulatan Park and other places of attraction where there are crowds around town, he added.

He said the establishment of the club locally is to provide a new alternative for sports fitness and leisure without the need for materialistic sentiments as well as to lead a healthy lifestyle example to balance the modern demands of the community.

We are bringing capoeira classes and workshops to Sarawak with the visits from acknowledge and professional Capoeira masters in the field to give training for the sport enthusiast, Haaziq said.

The capoeira routine classes are held every Friday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at Beach Republic Miri and every Sunday from 4pm to 6pm at the One Gym, Pujut 7.

Meanwhile, on April 24-25, we will hold a Vamos Vadiar workshop to give basic knowledge of Capoeira Angola and contemporary activities like jungle trekking, ice breaking and capoeira performances for the two-day workshop, he said, adding that the venue will be confirmed later.

The workshop entrance fee for two days is charged at RM40.

For more information on the workshop, Haaziq can be contacted at 016-6877785.

For more information on the capoeira martial art movement, visit