Can't load your blog?Advertlet problem

If you have advertlet advertisement banner on your blog you can’t load your blog and it was diverted to Don’t worry. I found the problem. Read my latest posting on Its because of advertlet advertisement HTML code. Remove the code and your blog will be loaded as normal.

its all fixed now :slight_smile: your blog is diverted because the domain name was expired on the 3rd. Its advertlets btw.

zaharibb… well done and thanks for sharing the solution with others bloggers… keep it up dude… :wink:

tat xplain y i cant nter my own ‘crib’… :stuck_out_tongue:

Until today, the problem still persist. So anybody who still have advertlets advertisement banner on your blog, remove it for the time being until advertlets resolve the matter. Then only your blog won’t be diverted.