Canadian teen fends off attack by cabbies

Monday August 20, 2007

Canadian teen fends off attack by cabbies

KUALA LUMPUR: When the taxi driver he hailed refused to use the meter, a Canadian decided against using the taxi. For doing so, the driver and three others attacked him with batons and bamboo sticks.

However, the four were unable to prevail against the burly 17-year-old Julian Sebastian Beh Pold, who managed to fend them off and escaped with just a few bruises.

Julian who weighs 114kg and stands 1.83m, plays American football at his school in Quebec.

Julian said he was in Petaling Street with some friends on Friday night when he decided to take a cab home.

When the driver refused to use the meter, I got out of the cab and slammed the door telling him that what he was doing was against the law.

Later, he came back with three of his friends and scolded me for slamming his door claiming I had damaged his taxi.

Julian, who is holidaying here, said they then attacked him with batons and bamboo sticks.

His friend, Dennis Barry, who witnessed the incident called the police immediately.

Julian said he did not retaliate and only blocked the attacks because he did not want to be blamed for being the aggressor if he had fought back.

Julians father, Robert Beh, said the company that owned the taxi had been identified.

Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board chairman Datuk Markiman Kobiran said he would look into the incident. … sec=nation

dont think this datuk or the taxi company can do anything, especially to those taxis at petaling streets, puduraya. the canadian should smack down them when he got the chance