Can we renew driving license on Friday?

Aloha bro and sis :slight_smile:
Aku dah cuba cari kat laman2 web ttg samada boleh sik kita renew lesen memandu kat JPJ hari Jumaat…
Sebab, kat laman web JPJ ya, aku sik paham apa kebenda yg mok dipadahnya sia. Skema gilak bahasa melayu nya ya.
Anyone can help me?

Anyone know whether we can renew driving license in JPJ on Friday? I tried to make Google Search but to no avail. So, I wonder if anyone know about this.
Because usuallly Friday the government office are quite slow… U know la. sembahyang Jumaat and all that…


Yes u can renew at JPJ and Post Office on Friday.

People make them slow themself, not because of sembahyang jumaat.

Ah, ok.
Thanks for verifying.
Lol… Can’t agree more :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s always the people.

Yes, possible on Fridays.

In Miri? Even on normal days and peak hours also slow. Add to that the totally stupid counter design that reflects away sound so when you talk to the guy behind the counter you either have to stand up or shout. I really didn’t understand the reason for the counter ‘deflector’. Even banks don’t have this now.

Looks like those sound reflector glass is getting on the nerves of some people …I really hate things like that being use, anyway Friday they do renew license…I did mine on a friday too recently…