Can type chinese word here?

Hi ! My english not very good , sometime don’t know how to reply in
English , so , can i type chinese word?

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your interest and support in the Miri Community forum. The idea behind the existance of Miri Community forum is not just to cater for english-literate individuals, however it is also meant to encourage the usage of other languages as well. For the sake of consistency, the navigation, headers, footers, graphics and images are retained in english. The postings made by individuals are definitely allowed to be in any language as long as they find the right application to support the composition, and also ensure their internet browser & operating system is configured to display the language.

In your case, yes, the forum supports Chinese / 中文 (正體字 or 简体字). We’ve tested inputting chinese characters using NJStar Communicator and have confirmed that the forum accepts and able to display it in iso-8859-1 charset. You may give it a try, and do let us know if you encounter any problems.

yeah but some ppl dunno how to read chinese, etc kahYoon heheh

Nowadays that is not a problem anymore. If you’re using Firefox browser (download from here to support Miri Community), you have a couple of translation Extensions to choose from. I’m currently using [url=]Hyperwords to translate other languages into english. Some of these language translation extentions will also provide hints to improve your language skills too! Take a look at [url=]this Extention if you want to improve your chinese language.

If you’re not keen in switching to Firefox browser to utilize all these interesting tools, then there are websites out there which you can go to, and tell it to translate a certain website for you. For example Google has already been doing this. You can reach the translation page here:

Dear members,

For those who required chinese word typing, you may now do so.

Good site for those who don’t know chinese but wished to use chinese word to express themselves, please pay a visit to the below link:


*You may do direct translations from English to Chinese, just copy the words and paste it into our forum. Make sure you select which language to translate before you type in any word.

P/S: Please use ‘Simplified’ or ‘Traditional’ chinese characters for typing within our community. Thank you and Welcome!

I can see a lot of post in Chinese, English and Iban. Why no post in Bahasa Malaysia or melayu sarawak? Iban’s call ruai miri, maybe create one for Bahasa Malaysia call “Miri hari ini” and for melayu sarawak call it “Miri kenek tok” or something else which better. Suggestion only.