Can someone help me with this?(all computers experts)

why ar, i cant seem to access to mc net if i use a different computer ah?and erm…i cant seem to upload a photo to post a reply now(but last time can leh)…i aven made any changes nor press somthing wrong leh…y like this a?can someone help me with this?thanks in advance!

what i mean is i cant access to my mc net account if i use a different computer, but the funny thing is i can log in and read my mails or read all post but just cant seem to make any reply or post a topic.

“ding dong-ding dong” no body can help me with my problem meh?

Check browser if your javascript, browser script support, cookies and other applet feature enabled.

What browser are you using? IE, Mozila, Chrome Google…

Maybe u need to update your browser.