Can go into Miri Court?

you work at court? magistrate?

went to the court a few years back, to attend a proceeding a case involving

housebreaking. mine actually. this two hobos came and stole my electric guitar,

an amp and the guitar casing. i was issued with a subpoena to attend the case.

long story cut short, one of the hobo pleaded guilty of stealing all my stuff and

alleged stealing a motorcycle (the owner was not aware that his bike was used to

commit the crime), got 1 1/2 years in lambir. the other pleaded not guilty and was

bailed by his parents…now no where to be found. during the proceeding there will

be an interpreter for those who don’t understand court language so that the accused understand

fully what is being said and what will happen if he/she says ‘i plead guilty’ or ‘plead not guilty’.

ps. got my guitar back although it took around 1 month for me to get it back from the police station.

I think you may enter. But, if there is any JUVENIL case, only parent are allowed. Other people has to go out first.

I was there to accompany my fren for his “no lesen” case. start from around 8.30 until afternoon… only 1 robery case and 1 juvenil case. the rest… NO LESEN.

The judge look very tired. All the same case. So she has to repeat the same “hukuman”. But if you says “saya sekarang sedang belajar memandu”… your hukuman will be much lower. hehehehe

I’m curious, how do they select the member of jury? Do they pick randomly from electoral list…anyone who is registered to vote, and is the citizen of tht country.
cos thts wat happen here, anyone can get picked to sit through a court case and be the jury… Also when get picked randomly, by law u must attend unless there’s really good reason not to.
A few of my friends got selected… They said going through the whole court case, was boring as hell!

dunno about the jury. but for kesalahan trafik, just mengaku sajalah… no big deal