Can connect streamyx but cant surf net

i just formatted my xp, made a new connexion blablabla, but cannot surf net…

i got pass thru the type username and password part then succeeded in connecting… but when open the browser, cant surf at all… the upload and downlod speed not moving… is constant at 200 - 6000 kbps

but my father’s computer vista can surf net wthhh

be nice to ur dad :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


urut x2…bikin teh ‘O’…iron baju…
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Check DNS settings.

one part is that try to check whether that there is any IP is conflicting with each other and if got set it to automatically same goes to the settings for the DNS

if still to no avail…try check the network cable if you are connecting using Ethernet cable… if youre using wireless try to check the router settings if also ure using a router with ADSL modem

if it is a separate type check the cable conection also…that is from the modem to the wireless router to see whether the cable is connect to the correct settings

if still cannot try reseting the modem or router and keyin all the settings again

but from what i see your problem is that it could be the IP, DNS or cable problem that prevent you to connect to internet oh ya also check also what is the IP address is showing what is the number ?

it could be a faulty ethernet card

coz i ever encouter this problem before it end up my ethernet card is the problem that also if youre using a desktop if it is a laptop then it is going to be a hassle

clarify some stuffs

i’m not on router
i’m using ethernet cable
i’m using a laptop

can you please advice me what to do? i very idiot in networking stuffs… don even noe how to check ip

Do make sure you got the latest Network Drivers.