Can Boeing 747 land at Miri Airport?

I just saw a big Boeing, might be 747 because of the double decker hovering close to Miri Airport. What is going on? :shock:

maybe testing the runway? :lol:

or maybe to test the plane whether can i land on an airfield that is not 747 compliant when it comes to emergency :lol:

Miri airport can accomodate Boeing 747, just that no flights use that aircraft la…

Is it Malaysia Airlines’ 747? or RBA? or???

A380 also can lol

yeah, why not?

just don’t try landing it at the old lutong airport… :mrgreen:

lol try to race to them when they take off…

Sultan Brunei land in Miri again.
Whatman,what’s the 747 colour?

Yep… B747-400 Reg : V8-ALI is doing touch and go at miri airport… can be sultan of brunei or the pilot doing training…

here is the picture :-

Welcome to Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, to the Honorable Sultan of Brunei, and its delegates… :mrgreen:

I saw this plane too during my lunch hour… i tot something wrong with the landing gear… :oops:

yeap … saw it just now oso … tot there’s sumthin wrong wit it … >.<

this is the previous post is on Tue Sep 16, 2008 that is last seem at miri air space and now she is back…

i think it is driven by sultan of brunei in order for him to maintain his flying license.

oh… this 1 is not mistaken is sultan airplane… every year when he is free than will sit the plane for fun… i study at riam also somtime see ba…

yup, Sultan doing touch and go training.

Can…why not! all depends on the pilot…If he is good…definately can…

rich brunei sultan…

to answer the question…yes, a 747 can land at Miri Airport but can only take off at half load. The runway is not long enough to handle fully loaded 747.

runway to handle 747 needs to be at least 3.5 km long…KLIA is 4 km if not mistaken.

i saw it from my class… i can even see it turn round and round =.="

i wanna ride sultan’s boeing!