is anybody still love camping here? I think I want to do it again sometimes during weekend… this is one of my favourite activity back when i’m still in college.

if any of you happened to know a good spot out there, please let me know… thanks 8)


Wow! I’ve thought of posting similar topic yesterday but was called out.
I’ve always wanted to do camping again in which I did a lot during my younger days. Any kind soul out there know any good spots around Miri?

BTW, are you working in Dubai?

hah! looks like I got 'kaki now 8) . I used to work there, but I get bored with life there… so now i’m here “along the road where you could find garbage bin”…ehehe

Ehh…no campers here? Guess we are in the wrong forum :mrgreen:

Yep. Dubai is ‘boring’ and very exxxxpensive too.

hmmm… not much responds, maybe still not camping season as now is always raining-almost everyday :frowning: