Camera Viewfinder Cleaning


Do you have any idea where can I get my sensor cleaned here in Miri? It’s super dirty now, mau ambil gambar pun tak semangat sudah :(. Is there any camera shop that can do that? Or if I send it to Canon Service centre, will they do it here of they will send it to KL?

Normally I just clean it myself with a blower…

Bro… why don’t you rephrase your topic to Camera Sensor Cleaning… sumthing… a lot of sifu out there… need to get their attention… i tot reverse sensor… hehe…jk…

There, I have changed the title. I think it’s viewfinder, because it doesn’t effect my picture. But then it is still annoying. I tried using the Matin giant blower, but it seems stuck at the viewfinder. Can the Canon service centre at town perform the cleaning?

suggest u put the title" Nikon VS Canon sensor cleaning"

View finder? Okay… Now i want to know also… :slight_smile: mine also very dusty… :frowning:

Is there any particular reason? I supposed it should apply the same method?

use lenspen if you have.

or else just blower.

sometimes it is not hte viewfinder but the reflector in the camera. Just check it