Camera service, anyone know?

Hi, i tgh cr kedai service camera di Miri. Anyone know about this shop?

There is no camera service centre in Miri. Hoewever I can help you send your camera for servicing with a minimal fee (excluding labour and parts replacement if needed).
Firstly, what is your camera model? Is it still under warranty?

Hanz86, if your are a canon user, contact canon malaysia and they will ask you to send to Miri Business Solutions (the one opposite Luxton hotel; Bintang Megamall).the people there will then send your camera to canon service centre in malaysia. I did this once with my lens and everything was repaired and came back in good condition.

second choice is to send to shashinki (

"All products sent to ShaShinK for repairing or CLA servicing (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust) will be handled by experienced professional serviceman.

Product repair / servicing cost can vary from one product to another. Please refer to the following for rough estimate. Actual price can only be quoted after receiving of the product and checked by our technicians.

Estimated Cost (Actual Price May Vary) (Return Shipping Included)

* Lens Fungus Cleaning = RM150 (depending on lens type)
* Speedlight Bulb Replacement = RM90
* Speedlight LCD Panel Replacement = RM200
* Film Camera Repair / CLA = RM150
* Digital Camera Repair / CLA = RM250-RM500 (depending on models. Some models might not be able to get repaired due to unavaibility of parts, which can only be repaired by original manufacturer.)

All repaired/serviced products come with 30 days ShaShinKi warranty.

RM20 service charge + RM10 shipping fee (or actual shipping cost, whichever is higher) will be charged if customer decided not to repair/service the product after checking and quoted by our technician. Please Contact Us to arrange for product shipping arrangement.

Terms & Conditions

By sending the product to ShaShinKi for servicing, customer is agreed to the following:

  1. Lens and Camera attacked by fungus might leave some stain or coating defect mark after cleaning. This is due to lens coating being eaten away by fungus. Clean your lens ASAP once fungus sign has been detected.
  2. ShaShinKi is not responsibile and bared no liability if a lens or camera is scratched during cleaning. Extra care will be taken during the cleaning process but sometimes it is unavoidable for a lens or camera to leave sign of cleaning after serviced.
  3. Service / Cleaning turnover time is around 1-2 weeks.
  4. Customer takes full responsibility when sending a product to ShaShinKi. We advice using insured PosLaju for safe shipping. When returning a product to our customer, ShaShinKi uses insured Poslaju shipping and takes full responsibility to ensured that the product will arrive safely to customer’s hands. In case if a product is losted or damaged during returned shipping, ShaShinKi will reimburse customer the full declared value amount filled in the service form.

Download Service Form

* []("

Service for Nikon D40??

Nikon service centre is West Malaysia based. Try to contact Nikon

11th Floor, Block A,
Menara PKNS,
No.17, Jalan Yong Shook Lin,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Phone: +603-78093688
Fax: +603-78093622
Operating Hours:
9.00 am - 5.30 pm; Mon-Fri
(Closed on Public Holidays) "

I left my D40 body in Nikon Centre in Berjaya Times Square when I was in KL for servicing (sensor cleaning) and they post it back to me. total service fees including post is about RM 70 ( if I remember correctly).

seem like realiable customer service.

hmm… how much does the “shutter count” thingy cost?

you can try call canon service centre and check the price

if happen tat going to KL, then better drop by to canon service center at peremba sq. to service the body or the lens