Calling Parents for opinion on play school

Hi, im planning to put my girl to play school, i want to gather some information on differentiate, pros and cons between Montessori school with normal nursery play school.

im not sure which school to put my duahgter in now. i heard lots of ppl say the pros and cons of montessori, but wht bout other play school? i dun want my girl to be stressed up with piles of homework or tuition. she is only 2 yrs old. i dun like my daughter get drill up by intensive homework when she reach age 4 to 6. i know some school at age 3 onward already pack with homework. to me they are still young, they need thier childhood play time istead of drill them up with pile of homework and build early stress to them.

i just want to gather idea here so i can make my decision…thanks for sharing all the parents out there reading this thread.

why don’t u visit those preschool 1 by 1? see for ur self better then mislead by someone. :mrgreen:

rabbit75, i visited few school, somehow they dun tell much. montesori almost similar thier teaching method. tht is why i try gather information here and see wht is the different… since many kids belongs to different school., maybe the parents can share abit…


I sent both my kids to taska ria montessori in piasau garden. My daughter is now in the Ria tadika (kindergarten), my son is 2 and has been in the taska for 3 months now.

There is NO homework for 2 and 3 year-olds, it is only when they start tadika at 4yo that they do real ‘school work’ (though usually no homework unless they don’t finish their work in school time. except for books that they are supposed to practise reading at home.).

Anyway, at the taska, they just mostly learn through play - puzzles, playdough, water play, pouring and playing with rice, songs, painting, colouring etc. My boy loves it there now (though he did take a while to adjust, since he has never been away from me before). He was a slow talker compared to his sis at this age, and is now talking more and has started to sing songs he learned at school.

thanks for ur sharing Azleena…im absorbing now… sound interesting at ur side… thanks alot…

other parents, any sharing for other taska?

i put my son at Q-dess and so far oklah no homework n he look like very happy … he age same like ur dougther… 2yrs old ++
and every morning not crying when he wake up… depend on u la… u can go do a research…

ok Q-dess… i try go over and have a look. thanks…