Calling for Japanese Koi Hobbyists In Miri!

Hi Mirians,
Myself and a few friends are japanese koi hobbyists, would like to start an interest group concerning the koi keeping hobby, for ppl in Miri and Brunei. So just wondering who else is out there with the same hobby so we can develop it further with ponds visits and exchange of views and experience. Would be great if we could get a koi hobbyist group started!!

That is expensive and delicate hobby.
How about you start with sharing your own pond first?

I like to have one but of course I’m not in the position to have such thing happening in this near future.

Hi there, sure thing, will post some photos tomorrow. Actually got into the hobby like ten years ago, then pond leaked and left it there. Decided to fix it before Chinese New Year and have been getting it ready for my koi shipment end of this month. You kept koi before?

Japanese koi, always adores these creatures… simply beautiful
Can’t wait for your photo…

Hi guys, sorry for the late reply, was busy these couple of days. Pond sprung a hairline leak as it hasn’t been used for 10 years. been busy fixing it. Ordered some koi which will be arriving in a week or two so will share them with you guys. I joined a Dainichi Grow out event organised by bro Kelvin from Aquatic Kingdom and I got number 29 random draw. Just one of the several koi I got from him.

Plan to organise pond visits in Miri, guys can join too, don’t necessarily have to own koi haha can still enjoy it’!!!

Wow, when is that @Hydra ?

Might as well take this opportunity to take some photographs… @zodiacking if it allowed by organiser of course.

yea, like @wgn_white suggested, would like to visit and if possible, do some photographing, if you @Hydra allows it… hihi

Sure thing, thats why I’m trying to look for other koi hobbyists here, but … so far results have been :(. But there are a few of us here, all trying to improve our ponds and koi. Will post more photos when I can. Thanks so much for the feedback.

Hi! Hydra n all, it’s hydrating to discover some koi enthusiasts here in miri :slight_smile:
I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a small n simple pond for a new house which will only b ready around july.
So if I could join some of the trips hydra is proposing(& arranging heheh) then probably my wish may become reality huhu!
So pray tell, where n when r these trips?

Hi simplymade72, really glad to find someone who is interested to build a koi pond. My new kois shall be arriving soon this week so I’ll try to organise the trip with the other koi hobbyists, only 3 for now… :frowning: but as I said, looking for more now haha. One of our hobbyists even has a 87cm showa which is like really amazing. Lost the contact numbers of other hobbyists so have to look for them again. Actually our neighbours in Brunei have lots of koi hobbyists as well. Actually if you don’t mind I would advice you to plan your pond properly by getting advice from other koi keepers. Truth be told, most of us have to redo our ponds and go through many mistakes which are not only costly but time consuming as well. I for example, had to go through pond leaks, improper planning, buying fake koi, bad filtration and much much more. Would be more than happy to help out. One new hobbyist is also planning to build a new pond at his new house , so helping with the planning as well. Don’t worry, i’ll be sure to update everything here. Once again, nice to hear from you. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of pond size are you planning?

I wish to share a photo of the fish but don’t know how to upload it from my album :wink:

Hi winwin, just click on the envelope looking icon (attach file) and add photo. Will be uploading photos of my new koi’s when shipment comes in this Saturday. But as the koi are still quite young, body not matured yet… haha

Thks for the long welcoming speech, lord (lady?) hydra :slight_smile: Er, I did mention alrdy earlier, if I do get to doing a pond, it’ll be small n simple only, so dont anyone get too excited, okay? haha. It’ll be 5ft wide x 10ft long, max. Likely smaller haha. Er for metric heads, that’s somethg like 1.5m x 3m. Only :blush:
First thing me concern with:
Can I keep the fishes to cute petite sizes even as they grow over several yrs? Kind of like bonsai for trees lol! This way, I can keep the pond depth to only 1.5ft max. Hey, of course im not cruel n go snipping at their bodies with my scissors! :smiley:

Hi there, I’m a he haha. 5ft x 10ft x 1.5ft. Hmm… Then you should probably go for male japanese kois. They are smaller than females and keep their colours better… Plus… they are cheaper compared to females haha. Koi have been known to live up to 60 years Haha. Normally the recommended depth of pond for kois is around 3 feet. But from experience, most koi hobbyists plan to have small ponds at first… but once the koi bug bites them, they will demolish the pond and make a bigger one haha. So… I’m wondering if you will still feel the same after pond visit. I’ll do my best to organise one asap!!

I guess you can say that koi keeping has become sort of an artform. Hobbyist do their best to get their hands on good koi breeds and do everything they can to get perfect water by tinkering with their filter systems. My pond right now looks awful in terms of asthetics and looks, so once everything, especially my filtration becomes stable , I will need to improve the looks haha.

Hoho He-Hydra :smiley:
Heheh now u hav given me lots of valuable info alrdy. Thank u!
Well 3’ is too much alrdy for me to handle That’s a lot of water there!
The reason being, I dont intend to dig the earth for a pond (too lazy to cangkul away 75cubic ft, or 150cu.ft if 3ft deep!)
What I hav in mind is brick up a portion (that’s the 5’x10’) of my new porch haha.
That’d b fast. That’d b cheap.
I hav seen in KL those landscape suppliers they can do those black colored tank thingy customised to whatever size u want, the black being that rubber/plastic, p, poly, something… heheh so, if I then fit that 5’x10’x1.5’ black poly tank into my walled up space, I figure that should give me double protection against water leak. Oh, actually it’ll have to be probably 5’W x10’L x2’D, so there’s 6inches freeboard above the waterline. Hmm…

Oh, “male **** koi’s”???
Why the bleep?? Hmmm…something fishy there hahah

You are most welcome, oh you mean brick up the foundation then fiberglass the inside of the pond? Actually have given that alot of thought before as one of the koi hobbyist might try that well. So far as I know the only fiberglass company in Miri is at the Kuala Baram area. Have always wanted a quotation from them. So will update you if I do. But my advice is to get your filtration planned out properly before even starting. Bad filtration = bad fish health. You familiar with japanese mats, up down filters or momotaro bacteria house bakki showers? I completely understand you wanting to keep things simple.

Thanks hydra. I tried before but the picture seemed oversized thus I didn’t post it. Should I down size it and what should I do?

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