Call on authority to intensify efforts to help rural Sarawakians obtain MyKad

MIRI: PKR Youth believesthat the situation where many rural Sarawakians have yet to obtain their identificationcards is a pressing issue thatneeds to be highlighted continuously.

Miri PKR Youth chief SteveTeo Jia Jun said it was simply illogical that some rural folk across the state were still not being given MyKad, despite being born and living here for years.

Sarawak has been their homeland since the times of their forefathers. As such, it is illogical as to why many of them are still without MyKad, he said when met recently.

Teo said during a visit to Apau Nyaring, a Penan village deep in the interior of Baram, his team from PKR Youth Miri had a dialogue with the villagers there on the matter.

According to them, therelevant authority did deploy some of its personnel there some time ago and promised to assist them apply for MyKad. However, the villagers have yet to see any action at all.

Nonetheless, Im happy that at least the authority concerned, to a certain extent, has promised to help the villagers.

The natives in Sarawak should be given the priority when it comes to being granted identification documents without any question, Teo said.

Meanwhile Semambu assemblyman Lee Chean Chung said he was deeply touched by the plight of a youth from Apau Nyaring, Henry Dundang.

I get to know that Henry has been striving to help his fellow villagers but its very difficult to do that without Mykad. He was unable to finish school; much less to look for jobs.

Having MyKad is importantto every Malaysian. The government must be serious on this matter and ensure that all rural folk should each be able to obtain one, said Lee, who came to visit Apau Nyaring all the way from Pahang.

On this, Teo said PKR Youth would continue its effort to assist rural natives on this matter, among which through the provision of legal counsel on how to acquire MyKad.