Call for single mothers in Miri to register with association


Call for single mothers in Miri to register with association
By George Francis

MIRI - Single mothers or single parents here have been urged to register themselves with the Miri Single Mothers’ Association in order to get assistance or counselling to meet the challenges of their livelihood.

“At least they know where to seek help and how to address their basic problems, such as their children’s education and money to buy school supplies, bus fares or school fees,” said its chairlady Horriah Hata.

It would be easy to identify who and how deserving their cases once they are registered, and which relevant agency that could be referred for assistance, she said.

The association has been focusing on financial assistance to deserving cases, giving skills training like cake-making or tailoring to supplement the mothers’ income and motivational talks for children taking public exams.

She told the press that in Miri Division, only 362 members registered so far as many in the rural areas or in the city’s outskirts are not aware of the association’s existence.

Her committee earlier met Sarawak Assistant Minister of Infrastructure and Communications, Lee Kim Shin, giving feedback on how the association could play a more proactive role to help members and to carry out membership drives, in the wake of a recent allegedly suicidal case of 12-year-old Primary Six boy.

The boy, under the care of his impoverished single mother, was said to be under pressure for being unable to pay RM4.50 school fees and some needed cash for stationary and uniforms.

The association is for single mothers, who are either widows or divorcees, and those unwed mothers who have adopted children or even single parents whose marriage status is still legally binded with their husbands who have untraceably left them and their children.

Lee, meanwhile, felt very sad about the recent suicide but defended that the school, after investigation by Education Department, found that there was no pressure on the boy to pay the school fees.

The boy’s mother Asong Jau (pic above) , 43, was Thursday approved by Welfare Department to receive RM125 monthly hardship allowance, and the Education Department would also look into assistance needed by other siblings.

Sorry, where can i register and where’s the location?