Call for Peliau to be promoted for tourism

MIRI: The Ministry of Tourism has been called on to promote walks from the Peliau beach area until Tanjung Layang near Tusan, Sibuti as a tourist attraction.

The 45-minute walk from Peliau village covers sandy beaches, cliffs, coral reefs, a waterfall, a stream and a cemetery of early Kedayan settlers.

Australian visitor Reduan Sahari, who was here to visit family members, said thearea was ideal for walking expeditions to reconnect with nature, which is a great attraction for tourists from places such as Australia, the United States and Europe.

Its a beautiful beach featuring a world-class tourism spot of cliffs, natural layers of rocks and a very unique small waterfall running through the sea and sand, he told The Borneo Post following his recent visit.

He said a walk along the beach from Peliau to TanjungLayang would bring visitors past Kuntum, Batu Berjanji, Batu Putih, Lubuk Kasau, Tanjung Batu, Kuala Jemaah and Batu Bandia.

Each location along the 7.5km trail has its own uniqueness and identity, said Reduan, adding that it is ideal for geologists to do research, while historians could study the early migration of Kedayan settlers from Brunei.

I have seen other beaches in Australia, but still thislocation is very unique as you cant find it anywhere with all the beautiful spots in one place, he said.

Local Ahem Jamin said his family members love to walk in the area to enjoy nature.

My two sons love the beach and are eager to go back for a walk and have a picnic near the waterfall, he said.

In Miri we cannot find a long stretch of beautiful beach for family outings, picnics or swimming in blue seas.

I hope more publicity and promotion can be done to promote the beautiful beach to the outside world by the relevant authorities as a world-class beach destination apart from the Mulu and Niah Caves.