Call for master plan in Krokop and Pujut as drainage, roads worn out

MIRI: The majority of drains and roads in Krokop and Pujut are too old, rendering them unable to function effectively.

In noting this, Councillor Bruce Chai personally feels that the time is now to commission a comprehensive masterplan slated for improving the infrastructure in these areas.

The drainage and road network in these residential areas have been around for 30 to 50 years already, meaning that they have exceeded their lifespan. It is no surprise that we always receive complaints about clogged drains and poor road condition there, he told The Borneo Post after the seventh Meet-the-People session conducted by Chin, Chai & Kong Service Centre at Pujut 2 here yesterday.

The centre is run under the voluntary community service programme Majulah Miri, which is facilitated by Chai.

The councillor pointed out that the Miri City Council (MCC) had been striving towards providing consistent maintenance and upkeeping of the current infrastructure in Krokop and Pujut.

However, he believed that the most viable way to address problems there would be to have a detailed masterplan.

He said to realise this, the local authorities needed full cooperation from the private sector as such a project would definitely require huge funding.

On yesterdays session, Chai was happy to see that it received positive response from the public, who came down to highlight their problems, complaints and grievances with respect to infrastructure and amenities in their respective areas.

The centre, he said, would do its very best in forwarding their input to the relevant authorities, especially the MCC.

Following the good response, the centre will continue its Meet-the-People session next year, he added.

Currently, the centre is set out to collect 1,000 signatures for its petition to push for the speedy upgrade of Miri GK roundabout, which now has reached the critical stage of causing traffic congestion due to the increase of population in areas serviced by the Pujut Highway Protocol Road.

The upgrading of the roundabout is crucial in easing traffic flow via Pujut-Kuala Baram, Pujut-Miri and Piasau roads, Chai reiterated on the matter.

The centre also considers forwarding the suggestion of a councillor from New Zealand, who proposes for an underpass to be built at the roundabout. According to the New Zealander, the cost of constructing an underpass is 30 to 40 per cent cheaper than building a flyover.

The idea, said Chai, would be an ideal solution for Miri GK roundabout, adding that if commissioned, it would be the first of its kind here.