Cabbies asked to smile and make visit Malaysia year a succes

KUALA LUMPUR: Smile, you’ve got foreign tourists for company, taxi drivers are told.

Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Donald Lim wants the cabbies to behave professionally and with courtesy as they were among the first to greet visitors.

We are targeting more than 20 million tourists for Visit Malaysia Year 2007 (VMY) and taxi drivers must display a good image of the country.

We need to give a warm and friendly welcome to the travellers.

All we need to do is smile, he said.

Lim said the professionalism of taxi drivers were being looked into through refresher courses on courtesy and public service under the Malaysia Welcomes the World campaign.

Over 20,000 front liners nationwide, including hoteliers and immigration officers would also be taking the course, he said after putting VMY2007 stickers on Sunlight taxis on Monday.

Lim said apart from taxi drivers, the public should also support VMY2007.

I hope that all Malaysians will play their role, especially since we will be celebrating our 50th Independence Day next year, he said, adding that the ministry aims to make Malaysia a top-of-the-mind destination.

Apart from the stickers, Lim said that VMY calendar of 50 events would also be displayed in front of the passenger seat of the taxis … sec=nation

i think they should do more than asking our cabbies to smile to foreigners… wow… too easy for them…“sua tu” jumping on my cab… smile until the gigi pun mahu jatuh oledi… :evil:

What our Tuorism minister or department should do is… Tell the cabbies that they cannot simply charge the customer… that is what they should do to maintain the image of the country. I think this is the MAIN problem we have in the country on cab service comparing to our neighbours. :cry:

HOW to make them smile … LOWER PETROL PRICE …INCREASE FARE …LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Automatically can SMILE !!!

[quote=“daniel7575”]HOW to make them smile … LOWER PETROL PRICE …INCREASE FARE …LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Automatically can SMILE !!![/quote]

If petrol prices are lowered - I’ll even smile too. Even help little old ladies cross the road. Smile at every person who comes my way. Let pedestrians cross. Automatically help give directions to tourists or even give them a ride and show them around town. Rainbows and butterflies everywhere and everything smells nice.

Wow, what a difference.