Bye-bye, IGP, happy retirement


wow… salute PDRM again :smiley:

He looked like a good guy, but unfortunately he’s bad…Watch the movie “I corrupt all cops” hahahaha

Its a big public secret.

anyway we dont know if the source u get is reliable… if this was out in NST or Star i would trust it :smiley:

True… but hey, if this doesn’t prompts MACC to investigate, then its more useless than we think.

As usual. Even top officers also corrupted. No wonder Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi never seem to accomplish his goal of ending ‘rasuah’ menace.

seems like the mobs run the country.

what a nonsense this malaysia is im ashamed.

i hope that more real policemen will join PDRM … not… u noe what i mean…

boleh tahan apek bayat cina tok…