Buying movies (in pendrive/ hard disk) (closed thread) got them

Im looking for movies:
for example:
1. Life of Pi
2. Lord of the rings
3. Thor
4. Dark knight rise
5. Inception
6. The great Gatsby
etc…etc… can’t name all. u can give me others which i have not listed.
u will give me your pendrive or hard disk and i will copy it to my laptop on the spot.
I’m offering RM3 per movie.

check inbox

What is your expected quality? DVDRip/ BRRip/ BDRip/ HDRip, etc …

Sorry, I’m bad at this that I can’t differentiate them. I would say a normal quality or better will do and for laptop view.

So how to contact u?

got 1 tera worth of movie… wanna see it?

Pm me as well.

not interested?

i got few latest movie . mostly blueray . want ?

Ok…contact me…i have a lot…2TB of movies…
Ethan…013-3636478 whatsapp also can be contacted