Buy new car

I’m gonna get my new car soon, here’s the issue…
I wonder whether can change the tyre brand?
This is the first time I buy car, there are still many things for me to learn
hopefully u guys can give some recommendation

Rarely people will do that but u still can do it if u like to
What kind of brand u gonna buy?

I also faced the same problem because I jus buy a 2nd hand myvi with the
bad conditions of tyres soo botak ley hahaha
cannot tahan lorhh i cant even drive my car in this raining season…

haiyaa there’s so many tyres brand in Malaysia n y u so pening?? hahaha
got yokohama, michelin, continental n more but that’s is the premium brand
but if u want the cikai brand with the cheapest prices, u can go for goodride,
mohawk, westlake at the nearest workshop at ur place but as u know,
cheapest tyre got a high risk for ur life

maybe u need a new tires for ur myvi haha
if u want the long lasting usage tires, i will recommend u to
continental tires because i’m a loyal consumer to that brand almost for 9 years
so far, so good i’m rarely change my tires… at least u have to change ur tires once for a 1 and a half years but depends on their condition… if botak in 1 years, u have to change lorhh…

why not we just pay for 4 tires for our car with premium brand?
for me, premium brand such as continental much more safety than the cikai brand…
just RM 180 per tire but if u want to know their market prices, u can
search it on lazada or continental website for prices…
then u can count on ur budget…

sad when you need to change tyre…it’s actually very costly maintenance
couldn’t afford any expensive one
only can used the spare tyre :disappointed_relieved::cold_sweat::cry::sob:

for me tyre as long as can run is enough
economy and quality one no much difference
continental and viking performs same only

Continental tyres perform quality and users are satisfied of using it
Viking offers affordable price but last longer period seems shorter than Continental tyre
If you’re addicted with silent tyre, Continental would be a better choice

I know Michelin but i wont consider to buy because the price is so expensive
Seems like Continental tyres are mostly recommended
Will go to the nearest workshop to get the suitable tyre for my car