Buy 4d online at your convenience


Surely, its not under business section. And for sharing with kaki nombor.

Good day guys,

www. d161. com

Here how D161 system goes…

It’s provides a total convenience to 4d punters to buy their 4d nos online.
You can choose from 7 4d outlets namely, Sarawak TC, Sandakan TC, Sabah 88,
Damacai, Sports Toto, Magnum4d and S’pore Toto.
Maximum taking per number is limited to RM30 only per outlet. (6D and Jackpot
not available in this system)

How to Register?
You can only register with existing d161 members (myself) as introducer. No
membership fee required.
I’ll need your
(1) Full Name (same as in your Maybank acct or IC)
(2) E-mail
(3) H/Phone no.
(4) Correspondent address

When the introducer registers your membership, he must transfer min. RM50 into
your newly created d161 e-account so that you as new member have the “start-up
capital” to buy you 4d nos. This means you’ll owe me RM50 then.
Once you have a new d161 e-account, you’ll have your own e-account no. and
temporary password, which you will change on first login.

The best part is…
D161 4d online can also be used as an interesting business tools.
You need to introduce d161 system to as many friends as possible. The more
friends joining you as your Downlines,
the more are their weekly total spending on buying 4d nos.
As the downlines no. increases, their spending will of course increase too.
Their spending is calculated on weekly basis (Mon-Sun) and you’ll get 8% from
their total weekly spendings - which is called Dividend.
When your downlines strike any 4d nos., the system will give you 2% benefit from the winnings. (Don’t worry about the winner’s money, he/she will get the winning money in full)
You dividend will be credited into your d161 e-account every Monday morning.
To cash out your dividend or winning prize, all you have to do is fill in your
Maybank acc. no. and transfer the money to your MBB by clicking a transfer

The maximum weekly dividend one can get is limited to RM2500 per e-account.

I’ll be sending you the d161 guidebook for your further reference when you
become a member later,


p/s: yes, this stuff is real & comes in handy if betting outlet is far away.


No fun buying online…must go to the outlet baru best…

we offshore people maaa…
its a facility you know. the wonder of internet, after porn, google & facebook.


If i am interesting. What should i do know if i don want my information to post at the wall.

Kindly email me more information.

Im interested. Kindly email me for more information. Thanks.

apuu. amat convenient tu.

with regret.

the owner is currently working offshore & unable to access (403). he will reply as soon as he is back to onshore again.TQ.

p/s: just passing the message frm the TS.

Im interested. pm me :smiley:

i am interesting pm me pls

i’m interested too… pls pm me.

Offshore cannot open la…blocked …

the website is fake

y u say like tat? is it d website cannot believe? Old Thousand?

y u say like tat? is it d website cannot believe? Old Thousand?[/quote]

true lah…go to it

Hi,I am interested. Pls email some information to

Hi,I am interested. Pls email some information to

Howdy people!

Interested. Still on kah? I can’t seem to PM you.


Can PM me so I could reply with the details?