Business for Sale [Cleaning Service]

We’re looking to sell a franchise dobi that’s catered to mid-high level market.

Sale will include, 2x staff that has been with us for a year+
All products and custom furniture in shop worth over 30K RM
Franchise License to operate in Miri for another 2 years without Royalty Fee (Worth over 20K RM)
Social Media has quite a number of followers as well, which includes Instagram / Facebook.
Shop is located in Marina Phase 1.

Looking for quick-sale as we are no longer in Miri and it’s hard to manage the shop.

Business will be handover with proper knowledge transfer and method to run the business.
It’s been running as it is, but requires more monitoring from someone whose located in Miri.
For those whose very keen to run this business, please PM directly.

Your target audience range from
14-40 years old, average spending per customer is roughly RM60.


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