Bush to Obama the transformation revealed

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LOL what do we need to scroll all the way down ?

if im american citizens im sure to be pissed by obama - lies, lies and more lies, broke all election campaign promises, never-ending holiday and vacation at taxpayer expenses, as world’s most powerful man - the US president, bow to saudi king & japan emperor, his budget will put a $9.7 trillion deficit for the US over 10 yrs, world largest ever, american national debts ballooned to highest ever, took 3 mths to decide how many soldiers to be sent to afghanistan, crippled military operation there. spent his entire presidency trying to pass the healthcare reform, despite majority voters clearly say they hate it. if im to judge, i’d say he’s one of the worst US president, but the americans already know that, his approval rating is now below 50%, and the US has since held 2 state elections and his party lost both. its bye-bye for obama in 2012, he’s suspected to be a trojan horse anyway.