Bus company to discontinue three routes following fuel hike

Bus company to discontinue three routes following fuel hike

Posted on October 4, 2014, Saturday

MIRI: A local bus operator has decided to close three routes, namely between here to Bakam, Sungai Rait and Lutong effective next month.

In its statement, the Miri Transport Co Sdn Bhd said the exercise came following the fuel hike, which took effect on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, its general manager Yeo Yow Shun said the initial plan of termination was supposed to be implemented by the end of this year.

However, the 20-sen fuel hike has added salt to our wounds. We have been facing competition from private taxi operators, seeing declines in bus commuters, as well as having to deal with passengers who refuse to pay exact ticket prices.

Apparently, we are making losses, he said.

The companys announcement, Yeo mentioned, followed the termination of Route 20 between the city and Miri Hospital Oct 1.

Unless the government agrees to increase our subsidy, it would be impossible for us to continue operating, with such losses that we are facing, he said.

Previously, Miri Transport shut down six routes via the city, namely Maktab, Riam-Airport, Lambir, Pujut Corner-Hospital, Piasau Link/Garden/Utara and Krokop.

The other remaining routes linking with Miri will be running as usual as there are still demands for them, Yeo said, adding that they are Boulevard/Taman Tunku Lutong, Hospital/Pujut Corner, Permyjaya, Senadin, Tudan, Kuala Baram as well Pujut 4-7.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2014/10/04/bus-company-to-discontinue-three-routes-following-fuel-hike/

It’s a shame really. Grew-up using public bus rides during middle school time and changing buses at Pelita Tunku with friends were the good old times.

sad to know this. used to ride bus for few yrs during my secondary skool.
how about those to need a ride back home to those stopped route???

its time to introduce bas mini sardine ala KL. one fixed price any destination.