Burns victim, 3, fights for her life

14 Nov 2006

KOTA BARU: Three-year-old Nurul Isyirah Mohd Halmi was robbed of her childhood on Sunday.

That was the day where she ran into her house on hearing her parents raised voices, and was horribly burnt in a fire, which was allegedly set on purpose.

She is in critical condition at the Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) here, where doctors are fighting to keep her alive.

Nurul, who suffered burns on her face and hands, is on a respirator at the intensive care unit.

She was rushed to the Besut Hospital in Terengganu in the evening of the incident, but was transferred to HUSM soon after.

Police have detained a 26-year-old Pakistani after his 28-year-old wife lodged a police report.

Nurul Isyirahs grandmother, Siti Haja Abdullah, 62, who suffered burns on her legs and hand, has been warded at the hospitals burns unit. She is reported to be in a stable condition.

It is understood that the incident occurred about 9pm after Siti Haja and a neighbour, Banun Dagang, 67, tried to calm a newly-married couple who had been arguing at their Kampung Bukit Payong home in Besut.

Police believe the man grabbed a plastic container filled with petrol, poured it on the floor, and set it alight.

Nurul Isyirah, the womans child from her first marriage, is said to have run into the house and was caught in the flames.

At HUSM yesterday, the woman, a rubber tapper, said the quarrel started when she refused to accompany the man to renew his visa.

“It was only over a small matter. I refused to follow him to Wisma Persekutuan in Kota Baru to renew his visa and it led to the argument.”

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