Burglary! item lost! if see plz contact thanks!

there was a case happened last nite at dream car accessories…
Quite alot item is lost and cause a huge loss to the owner

below was the lost item

  1. black color vip steering
  2. love shape vip steering
  3. toyota vip wish table
  4. kenari vip table
  5. pioneer cd player
  6. pioneer lcd screen player
  7. 2din player
  8. adams digital audio( speaker, amp, woofer)

If anyone notice other people selling these stuffs, kindly inform at 0168541995…
thanks to help!!! ur help is appreciated so so much!!!

waseh…no alarm system??

thiefs nowadays very smart liao lorh …

wOwww…didn’t have security camera meh…so that can record who the thief is

where is dream cars accersories?

where u stuff got stolen la? i doubt they sell it… if they sell cheap i surely buy!.. haha. no just kidding… will keep an eye if ur list comes up.

in krokop, itz new so nt yt install security system…
quite malang de lo…

Security take first then business… got camera also useless la.
At least alarm system able to alert the owner to have a check at the shop, so that loses wont be that much.

krokop whr? never heard of it before.

if i heard any cheap stuff for sale, any kopi or teh if report ?
jk la… i not in malaysia, i help monitor singapore, indonesia water… maybe smuggle over thr. :mrgreen:
pity the owner…
here come the effect of economy crisis.

it’s located opposite to Toyota. It’s a big lost…

i just saw this sign board in krokop last week and if i am not mistaken, it was still under renovation when i saw it, wondering when it was opened and now this burglary just happened??

1 guy & 1 girl got arrested. read the newspaper today

anyone cut paste the news paper here pls…
would like to read the news, chinese english also can.

what happend?

LeVin20V: their broke into the shop & take the accessories worth 27K+

so fast oredi tangkap…?