Burglary attempt thwarted, thanks to alert neighbour

MIRI: A quick action by a concerned citizen managed to stop a burglar from running away with items from a house at Jalan Millenium here.

Around 11am on Thursday, a resident believed that he saw a figure coming out from his neighbours house.

I saw the figure had several bags in his hands. I immediately yelled from my house, which seemed to startle the burglar. He dashed towards the gates and climbed over them, leaving the bags behind, the resident told the Central police here, adding that he immediately phoned his neighbour, who was away for his Chinese New Year holiday in Labuan at the time.

Upon hearing the incident, his neighbour flew back here to lodge a police report.

A police team went to the house, looking for finger prints and other clues that could have been left behind by the burglar.

They found a metal container filled with coins and two bags inside the living room.

It is believed that the burglar had gained access through the toilet window.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2015/03/07/burglary-attempt-thwarted-thanks-to-alert-neighbour/