Bunuh warga sarawak kat semenanjung

yeah better report to police as well… a small thing like this could end up BIG if no action taken…

report this fb page to rais yatim. but if the facebook owner is malay muslim youth, the court judge there might say kesian cerah masa depan nya and just bound him over without fine or jail. its a new court sentencing trend starting there. :oops: :x

somebody wanna start a ‘halau warga semenanjung kat Sarawak’ fb page? why not a ‘kill’ fb page? becos we not fanatic/extremist like them. :lol:

these extremist are a extreme minority. just ignore. and dont let it affect the goodwill between east and west.

Maybe bcoz sabah got UMNO eh ?

Very idiot and stupid FB. LAst time in FB somebody want to cut his penis if pandelela rinong win olimpic medal…, this coward people. Just know how provoke people. ;;;

I am proud to be SARAWAKIAN… Proud with Pandelela…

Maybe bcoz sabah got UMNO eh ?[/quote]

oh… so UMNO can’t come into Sarawak have to kill Sarawakians? funny le…

Mannn…i dun care if this statement came from [size=150]individual, politics or so whatever[/size]!..[size=200]BUTTTT!!![/size]…it is still a [size=200]BSTAD[/size] way to start a provocations on the harmony land of SARAWAK nor SABAH (NORTH & SOUTH BORNEO)!!!..

Maybe bcoz sabah got UMNO eh ?[/quote]

oh… so UMNO can’t come into Sarawak have to kill Sarawakians? funny le…[/quote]

Nice one… :lol:


i also just make a report on the page for racism


Cakap tak serupa bikin… saya pakai baju “Borneo Sarawak” in KL nothing happen leh… talk only no ■■■■. Like the guy who want to cut his private part is pandelela wins medal… mana ada potong…! Tiu ngi aseng!

So where is section 114a ???

i second that! SARAWAK FTW! 8)

is the page still around ? cant find it…

the page gone already…

some Semenanjungrians never realise that the money used to develop their city especially KL comes from Sarawak. Spoilt and ungrateful brats.

doubtful they are aware of this little small print…
even if they do, they are too ignorant to admit they owe us a lot…

So can file report?
Under Section 509 of the Penal Code for a word or gesture intended to insult the modesty of a person.
Upon conviction, an offender can be jailed for up to five years, fined or both.
The police are also on the lookout for individuals who stepped on photographs of Najib and Rosmah at the same event.
This act was being investigated under Section 290 of the Penal Code for committing a public nuisance and Section 504 of the same law for causing an intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace.

Really want to kill sarawakian at semenanjung meh this guy? just find them at Kem Terendak Melaka or Kem komando Majidee JB or kem komando sungai udang melaka…There are lot of Sarawakian…If he dare to kill laa…Datang mu tak di undang Jika Ragu Sila pulang…Hahahahahahaha…

How can you said like that? :frowning: